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Slam Skillet’s “Rachis” EP

slam skillet rachis

With hip-hop vocal samples and snare/hi-hat rolls aplenty, 20-year old Slam Skillet‘s “Rachis” EP seems to check all the pre-requisites of today’s electronic music production. Yet unlike most music by basement beatmakers, the first track, “Yukon,” begins with a bird-song sample that soon becomes a mainstay of this decidedly avian record. Olivier Messiaen he ain’t, but evolutionary biology major Slam Skillet – also known as Sam Stevens – has found unlikely Ableton inspiration in the outdoors.

“Yukon” continues with a filter sweep that brings in some rhythmic horn jabs and a heavily processed rap hook. With subtle but banging basslines and several funky synths used, the EP gives nod to Com Truise and the more dancefloor-ready sounds of Grenier. “Gemsbok/Chamois” stands out for its laidback Nujabes vibe, credited to the cabasa sound that keep the track shuffling along.

Stevens’ skill is in his ability to joyfully weave common and unexpected elements into a beat that makes you want to sit back, bob your head and watch the world go by. This is music made for headphones and spring days – so start vibing.

FaltyDL’s Hardcourage

FaltyDL - Hardcourage

FaltyDL, real name Drew Lustman, makes music as though he were born and bred in the U.K. bass scene. The New Haven, Conn. producer’s third album, Hardcourage, is a perfectly crafted collection of two-step-inspired tracks rippling with hi-hats and reverberating synths.

Hardcourage’s electronic mission is well punctuated with poppy vocals, as on standout track “She Sleeps,” which features the Feeder-esque croonings of Friendly Fires’ frontman Ed Macfarlane. “Straight and Arrow,” the first single from the album released last fall, exhibits a typical house vocal sample moulded into a relentless groove. This song soon melts into the subtle mastery of “Uncea,” which chugs along to a constant tambourine line punctuated with hand claps.

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Justice – Audio, Video, Disco (Medley)

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but who apologizes for being away from the internet.  Instead, I give you the gift of Justice’s new album, chopped up and pieced together beautifully for our aural pleasure.

Justice – Audio Video Disco Sampler (download)