Hello world.

Twelve kids from the Bay Area to Los Angeles providing their two cents on the latest in music:

Brian is the youngest, but looks like an old geezer.  His Dragonball Z eyebrows don’t help that much either.  He claims to be a photographer, amongst the other thousand billion that do.  Don’t mistake him for lazy, he just chooses to direct his hard work toward things that don’t matter to the masses.  However, Brian is ahead of the game because he just incepted you into thinking that your world is real.
twitter: twitter.com/brianvaldizno

Charlie grew up listening to The Cure, The Cranberries, and Crash Test Dummies before getting OK Computer at age 11. Besides graph-blogging, he actively participates in Stanford’s juggling, unicycle basketball, and pick-up soccer communities. He likes to think he has the social upperhand over his fellow engineers, but that’s like claiming Fred Durst was the best member of Limp Bizkit. He enjoys spending time with people whom he respects (friends), not those who merely respect him (everyone else in the world).

e-mail: rabidbunnyking@gmail.com

Dan is 23. He lives in LA. He has a day job, and this makes him grumpy and tired when he’s not listening to music. Fortunately for you, brave reader, this is a place that is all about the music. This makes Dan happy. Rejoice.

e-mail: dsiegal87@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/dan_siegal/

Dan Z. is a 23 year-old beard-enthusiast and curator of mixtapes.  It has been said that he resembles Barry H. Obama (Occidental College era), though he doesn’t see it.  “Fauxbama” can sleep mostly anywhere, but is allergic to cats. He studies transnationalism and human rights, which translates to being perpetually broke and likely to try to eat a book at least once during his lifetime. When Dan isn’t touring the globe via his thoughts, he’s searching for heady tunes that tickle his aural fancy.

twitter: twitter.com/danielremington

Ellen was born and raised in the Bay Area but has never lived in the cool parts — only the ‘burbs. Although she pretends to have a healthy social life, she consistently chooses to waste away her youth under the fluorescent lights of The Stanford Daily offices. A champion of the last minute, her under-deadline writing skills are legendary in the underground humanities circuit. She enjoys solid news, lame jokes, Oxford commas, and quality lolcats. If Treeswingers were a band, she’d be the drummer.

twitter: twitter.com/ellenhuet

Kyle is 24 years old and lives somewhere between LA and Orange County. He has an ever-so-slight obsession with animated gifs and ironic animal memes. Everyone hates concert photogs, and so does he. They always get in the way… When Kyle isn’t shooting upcoming indie bands, he’s helping save the Pacific Ocean. Kyle carries a bag full of cameras and will probably pwn you in Donkey Kong Country 2.

e-mail: kyle.lishok@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/klish

María hates writing bios in the third person, so she had me write this instead. An Italo-Mexican American (but firmly French at heart), she’s currently trying to take over the world one European capital at a time. She has an obscure past, but from what we know she seems to have inherited a skewed appreciation of music from her father. She likes to pretend she can play more than one chord on the guitar, and when she grows up she wants to be as ubiquitous as Che, without the facial hair.
twitter: twitter.com/mcbgbarrios

Marisa will defend Seattle until the day she finally overdoses on caffeine, even though she’s deathly afraid of both hipsters and flannel. Pokemon cards have financed her absurdly expensive college tuition, which is theoretically supposed to buy her an engineering degree at some undetermined date. One day, she hopes to design sanitation systems in developing countries, meaning she will be poor indefinitely. Her overarching life goal, however, is to own 50 turtles and communicate with them Aquaman-style for her transportation needs.

twitter: twitter.com/mlandich

Matthew is living his American Dream in East LA. Grad student by day; valet by mid-afternoon; and producer, blogger and music enthusiast by night–staying busy keeps him happy. As the progeny of an ex-Rolling Stone magazine journalist, he likes to think semi-decent writing and musical aptitude are in his blood. A mountain man at heart, he attempts to live sustainably but is often thwarted by the amount of time he spends in LA traffic. However, one day, with his MA in Urban Planning, he hopes to fix that. Until then, one can probably find him at a bar on the East Side drinking away his air-polluting woes.

email: matamaticsmusic@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/matamatics

A UAE-raised third-culture kid, Natalie currently lives in New York. When she’s not talking about Drake or hosting a radio show on WBAR, Natalie enjoys spelling colour with a “u.” A Columbia student by day, Natalie’s internet persona was once tweeted at by Diplo. Real life: she used to play saxophone in a ska band.

email: natalierobehmed@gmail.com

Ryan, 7-years-old at heart, shuffles between So Cal in the summers and Stanford during the rest of the year. A frequent quoter of bad movies, The Strokes and the gospel of Arsene Wenger, he dreams of writing for a living and constantly has to dupe his parents, that yes, he one day will attend medical school. He’s reported for The Stanford Daily, Half Moon Bay Review, The New York Times, The Orange County Register and currently works for The Bay Citizen. He only started wearing glasses when Ben Gibbard stopped wearing his.

e-mail: redgunners03@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/rmac18

Sara was born 20 years after the day the Beatles recorded “Penny Lane.” This would explain her affinity to the legendary band-aid in Almost Famous. Thinking it tacky to just be a “groupie,” however, she disguises her undying fascination for artists by writing about them instead. When she’s not blogging, tweeting or making mixtapes, she can be found sifting through vintage boot racks on Melrose or sipping on an overpriced americano somewhere in Silverlake. She’ll be on the run from the po’s soon as a result of her overdue library and parking fines–it appears as though she’s spent her entire salary on concert tickets.

e-mail: sarajtan@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/saratan

If you’re counting, that makes 24 cents.


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7 responses to “Hello world.

  1. Some Haus Mitt rando



  2. It’s creepy when you find a blog run by people who seem to have hijacked your taste in music. To the t. And by creepy I obviously mean awesome. I’ll be back. A lot.

  3. i think i’ve run into your blog about 4 times through hype machine – now you guys are on my favourites.
    keep it up! 🙂

  4. thank you gino!

  5. 16 cents. clever

  6. Hiya! Great bios. Just FYI, Sara & Ellen’s twitter links don’t link and Ryan’s handle doesn’t exist…

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