Phoenix’s “Entertainment”

The BBC is officially cool again in my book. Yeah, I know they’ve been plagued with scandal for the past year, and the ugly kind. But yesterday, BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe announced to the world that he was the first person ever to get his hands on Phoenix’s newest single “Entertainment”, off of Bankrupt!, set to drop April 23. The track opens with maniacal synths, slows down just long enough to catch Thomas Mars’ placid vocals, and then continues its frenzied drive to conclusion. It’s crazy catchy, and seems to come from pretty much the same mold as its predecessors on Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which is fine by me. Not that anyone doubted this, but if the rest of the album sounds half as lively as the melody line on “Entertainment”, their Coachella set(s) will be the sonic equivalent of a solar flare.

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