Delphic’s Collections

Is the album art the best part? (Photo courtesy of

Delphic‘s new album Collections is set to drop on Jan. 28, just over three years since the release of Acolyte. Their debut album was full of exciting instrumentals and strong electronic songs which stood alone well, but fit nicely together. A lot can happen in three years.

Delphic have admitted that the title, Collections, is representative of the intentionally eclectic mix of songs, but none have the core elements that made them an exciting new band in 2010. Instead, they all have lethargic tempos, incessant vocals and no character. The mystery is not very deep; Delphic have said that hip hop and R&B have influenced them most recently. It would not be surprising if the album was entirely based on beats rejected by Clams Casino and played at half speed.

In the end, Collections sounds like ten attempts to get a top song on pop charts. The single, “Baiya,” has a chorus that might leave fans embarrassed that Delphic are going for such a derivative, forced sound. Let us hope that in three years Delphic come back with ten tracks that do not sound like they are trying to be something they are not. Delphic need to learn the cliche “just be yourself.”

Here are the best and worst track from the upcoming album, not necessarily in that order. If you can’t tell which is which, then maybe all the songs are equally bad.

Delphic – The Sun Also Rises (download)

Delphic – Don’t Let the Dreamers Take You Away (download) 

2 responses to “Delphic’s Collections

  1. Um. Wow. That’s pretty rubbish!

  2. Good God, “Don’t Let the Dreamers Take You Away” is absolutely horrible and it just KEEPS GOING…

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