Foals’ “Inhaler”


Holy Fire. Holy shit.

After announcing their third full album, last month, Oxford, England-bred Foals dropped their first single “Inhaler” today on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 Show. Complete with an aggressive video, the cut from Holy Fire is far more confrontational than anything we’ve come to expect out of a fivesome whose infectious math rock caught fire first with Antidotes and, later, Total Life Forever.

“Inhaler” starts with rhythmic guitar work, before giving way to a wave of distortion. WIth lead man Yannis Philippakis singing at higher pitch, the single is full of cute one-liners “I shimmy shake, I wake and bake” that layer one after the other until sinister breakdowns take over and all hell breaks loose. The video, directed by Dave Ma, encapsulates the song perfectly–an organized chaos that hopefully provides perfect introduction to one highly anticipated album.

Foals- Inhaler (YouTube Rip) (download)

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