S-Type’s Billboard EP

Glasgow isn’t exactly hip-hop mecca. Better known for its rock offerings–from Glasvegas to Primal Scream to Franz Ferdinand–Scotland’s biggest city has been a hospitable place for music, but of a certain variety. In the last half decade or so, however, a small pocket of artists have turned the rain-swept British realm into a viable community of electronic and hip-hop experimentation that has the likes of Kanye salivating.

Led by the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Rustie and their LuckyMe label, Scotland’s once underground electronic hip-hop movement is now at the forefront, providing producers and former bedroom producers like S-Type a platform from which to innovate.

With recently released debut EP, Billboard, 25-year-old Bobby Perman, or S-Type, is the epitome of the pasty-faced Glaswegian movement across the pond. Relatively unknown–personal websites and online bios and are punctuated by one-line descriptions–Perman cuts a silent figure, whose propensity for anthemic, yet controlled hip hop is stamped all over his six-song release.

Take “Flyp City,” for example, whose tightly packed synth bursts became the perfect first layer for sampled 808 kick drums. Melted together with rapid high-hat taps, Perman’s production on “Flyp”–as with his other tracks–feels futuristic without being unfamiliar, which isn’t too shabby for a kid that was making YouTube demo videos less than two years ago.

“You Da Best” feeds off  fast-forwarded vocal samples from Karate Kid’s “You’re The Best,” before reeling in a big city feel with fuzzed out trumpet samples and an empowering synth snare that will take over any club, be it in Glasgow or Brooklyn. One of the few tracks with vocals, “Walrus,” featuring Budgie, is a bit more spaced out with heavy autotune filling the gaps of a somewhat frantic, R&B-stylized track.

Perhaps the easiest introduction to S-Type, though, is the EP’s title track. Rousing to the point of euphoria, “Billboard” has constant rises and resolves that are backed by on-point beats and the catchiest synth melody this side of Avicii. Powerful and uplifting, it’s a call to action and it’ll turn heads–a mini manifesto for hip hop’s new paradigm.

S-Type- Billboard (download)

S-Type- Flyp City (download)

2 responses to “S-Type’s Billboard EP

  1. S-Type is better than S-Type-Flyp-City… worth listening

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