Work Drugs Remix Bon Iver’s “Beth/Rest”

In their attempts to compose some sort of fitting tribute to Karate Kid, Part II–you know, the one where Daniel LaRusso gets dumped by his lover, travels to Japan to find himself, engages in a death match with Mr. Miyagi’s de facto nephew and then contracts yellow fever–Philadelphia’s Work Drugs may be on to something. Bridging the natural connection between Karate Kid and Bon Iver, Benjamin Louisiana and Thomas Crystal have concocted a remix of Justin Vernon’s autotuned goodness as tribute to everyones favorite New Jersey transplant-cum-Valley boy black belt.

Out tomorrow via Secretly Canadian, Work Drugs’ remix of “Beth/Rest,” is everything you could ever want from a Bon Iver-fueled remembrance to (a sequel of) one of the most iconic 80’s films of all time. Taking the mellowed, yet extravagant final track of Vernon’s sophomore release, the Philadelphia pair speed up proceedings by adding a steady kick drum while leaving those sexified horn solos. According to the pair, they traveled to “a small cabin in a densely wooded area of The Poconos to find inspiration,” eventually “using a 10 year old Packard Bell found along the roadside” to craft the remix. Such creativity–or drug use–is rewarded here with a smoky Bon Iver re-work that’s not lacking for autotune or dance-worthiness. Somewhere, Peter Cetera is beaming.

Bon Iver- Beth/Rest (Work Drugs remix) (download)

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