Free Show: Aaron Axelsen and The Walkmen DJ Set @Stonestown Galleria 8/9/12

The Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithause at The Fillmore in 2010. (Brian Valdizno/treeswingers)

If you’re looking to snag tickets to Outside Lands 2012, a free DJ set at Stonestown Galleria on Thursday may be your last chance to get in to three days of sold-out revelry. Featuring Popscene curator Aaron Axelsen and The Walkmen, the event celebrate the opening of an Armani Exchange at the Stonestown Galleria.

While it remains to be scene if A|X’s leather and tight shirt stylings will mix with the traditional grungier flannel and facial scruff vibes of The Walkmen, free tickets are free tickets. Add to that booze, nosh and the always good jams of Axelsen, and you have an after-work activity ready to warm your ears for three blissful days in Golden Gate Park.

The event starts at 7 PM at the Stonestown Galleria. Follow this link to get your name on the list. The Walkmen play at 3:55 on Friday on the Sutro Stage.

The Walkmen- Heaven (download)

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