Jensen Sportag Forces You To Dig Out Your Dancing Shoes

Jensen Sportag yourself in this photo. (Photo courtesy of

A couple days ago, I missed my exit on the 101 during rush hour. If this means nothing to you, I’m eternally envious. But if it does, then you know it’s nearly impossible to miss ANYTHING when you’re going two mph, unless of course you’re jamming out to Jensen Sportag, as I was.

It’s been a little less than a year since the Nashville duo released their super-smooth electro EP Pure Wet and although we are thankful for their accompaniment on the road, we’ve been waiting for something new. It’s as though they detected our desperation, because they released, not one, but two new remixes that have us craving a disco ball and a lit-up dance floor yet again. From folk to indie pop, anything these two touch can be turned into 80s glossed gold — these two edits are no exception.

Take their rework of “Hidden,” the first single from the solo project of Au Revoir Simone singer Erika Spring. What once was filled with keyboard-driven melodies and dream-pop is suddenly full of funky guitar licks and sultry vocals reminiscent of jazz songstress Sade. In their most recent remix, the groove masters shed light on the dark synths of “Phone Sex,” Blood Diamonds’ new collaboration with Grimes, and bring us to the beach.

Whether it’s a vacation from time or space, Jensen Sportag will transport you somewhere you want to be. Trust. Believe. Just bring your dancing shoes.

Erika Spring – Hidden (Jensen Sportag Remix) (download)

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