For Your Summer Anthem Consideration: The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather”

By now, your knitted garments are tucked away somewhere in the back of your closet, slopped over your boots and corduroy jeans. The thought of a cozy sweater immediately forms sweat beads on the nib of your nose. So why this song? Why now? Why “Sweater Weather?” as your last-minute summer anthem? Because it’s hot — and because its catchy melody, body-moving beats and seductive lyrics are seemingly more fit for a bonfire at the beach than a book by the fireplace.

Blame it on the fact that The Neighbourhood, despite their pretentious “ou” spelling, hail from Southern California (where summer is winter is fall is spring and a sweater is used for fashion, not function). But seriously, who cares? (Not you, not us).  As suggested in the chorus, (“no shirt, no blouse”), this song is the perfect warm weather jam. If you haven’t had the chance to familiarize yourself this summer with The Neighbourhood, allow us to introduce you to the emerging hip-hop-tinged quintet. Their debut EP I’m Sorry was released for free late last Spring. You can download it here, but lest you go on and forget, be sure to add this single to your pool party playlist…before it’s actually sweater weather.


The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather (download)

One response to “For Your Summer Anthem Consideration: The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather”

  1. I can’t get enough of The Neighbourhood! I can’t wait to hear what will come from them after this EP. Absolutely digging their sound and aesthetic. I really like the video for “Female Robbery,” it really presents their whole image very well.

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