Two Door Cinema Club’s “Sleep Alone”

My, what three years can do for you.

Back then, the boys of Two Door Cinema Club were still a nerdy trio from Northern Island with an intriguing band name and catchy hooks. Dropouts who were focused on making music in their Bangor-based garage, they were raw, similar to the thousands of other teens around the world with a shred of musical talent. TDCC took their chance, however, parlaying that into a dance-friendly EP, then an American tour, then another tour, then a full album and then the promise land: Coachella.

Two Door’s upward trajectory over the span of three years has been fascinating, a case study of how hype can rocket a band overnight–or over three years–into the stratosphere. But now the reality check: the sophomore album.

Beacon, set to be released on September 4, is the band’s first real test. Is today the pinnacle of a career, or simply another point in a scatter plot with an upward trend? “Sleep Alone,” the band’s first single from their second LP, isn’t a definitive answer to that question, though it does provide an encouraging litmus test. Given away today for free on the band’s website, the nearly four-minute song is TDCC to a tee: catchy chorus, rapturous bursts of guitars and Alex Trimble’s unmistakably simple songwriting. With the ability to induce a catchy hook out of anything and everything, TDCC’s newest offering is their latest in a sing-along repertoire: “Hold, hold, hold, hold me close, I’ve never been this far from home, home, home, hold me close.” It’s a simple and effective formula that’s worked since the band exploded on the scene in 2009. TDCC is only hoping the expiration date goes beyond three years.

Two Door Cinema Club- Sleep Alone (download)

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