Railbird’s “Jump Ship” featuring Sarah Barthel of Phantogram

While plenty of blogs–us, included–have been guilty of pushing the next great summer song (full of warm vocals, soaring guitars, blah, blah, blah), here’s an offering that will cloud out the sun and take the temperature down a notch or two.

Despite the sweltering heat of their Brooklyn base, Railbird, a self-described multi-instrumental collective led by vocalist Sarah K. Pedinotti, has created “Jump Ship,” which will have you searching for your winter coats in the middle of July. Featuring Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel and solo artist Sean Rowe, the song is a haunting experiment straight out of the Massive Attack playbook. Complete with herky-jerky guitar and electronic blips as well as thick vocal rounds, the tune, which clocks in at just under four minutes, is chilling, but not to the point of discomfort. Add to that Barthel’s sultry howls–a la Phantogram trademark “When I’m Small”–and “Jump Ship” will resonate with you until you’re comforted by winter.

Railbird- Jump Ship (feat. Sarah Barthel and Sean Rowe) (download)

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