RAC Remixes Bloc Party’s “Octopus”


Well that didn’t take long.

A day after Bloc Party officially released its new song, “Octopus,” André Allen Anjos, the well-blogged-about man behind Remix Artist Collective, has unleashed his own take on the band’s first single in four years. Taking Kele Okereke’s false falsetto and carving it into an opener, Anjos combines the vocal sample with a sticky bassline and disco synths. Leaving the guitar solo–and much of the song structure–the same, RAC makes an already dance-ready track even more danceable. For a band whose remixes can be hit or miss–see: Intimacy Remixed–RAC, as always, is spot on, leaving what works for the song while sprucing up aspects that are more welcome under strobe lights and on hardwood floors.

Bloc Party- Octopus (RAC Remix) (download)

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