Bloc Party’s “Octopus”

It’s good to be back? (Brian Valdizno/treeswingers)

Bloc Party hasn’t been on the front burner for some time. Seven years since debut album, Silent Alarm, the London quartet found that the going gets tough with the constant comparisons to–and expectations to be–everyone from Joy Division to The Cure. Two LPs since that groundbreaking debut and a mountain of pressure later, the band disassembled for a hiatus, with rumors of infighting and “creative differences” pointing to another breakup of another promising English group.

Not this time, however. After videos of in-studio sessions were released via the band’s social media tentacles and full tour dates were announced, Bloc Party are returning with a new album in tow. Four–the band’s fourth album, duh–has been kept under wraps, until now. Set to be released on Frenchkiss, Four (released date TBD) at first listen, seems to be a continuation of Bloc Party’s dance kick. While “Octopus” builds off a rapidfire guitar lick, there’s plenty of drum machine and Kele Okereke swag, courtesy of the lead man’s recent electronic solo project. Those hoping for the Bloc Party of old may be disappointed to find the track more Intimacy and less Silent Alarm, but its “Ooooh”-backed choruses and high octane tampos can’t be denied. It must be good to be back.

Bloc Party- Octopus (download)

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