Seekae adds a new dimension in live “Yech” peformance

Seekae, an Australian electronic trio you’ve maybe not heard of yet, have thus far made their name on elegantly crafted, emotionally-affecting electronic songs in the vein of former empire-mates Mt. Kimbie and James Blake. Tracks like “Void”  make heavy use of synth pads, hip-hop descended rhythms and vocal snippets for an effect that’s more summer meadow than sweaty club.

With new cut, “Yech,” the group takes the inevitable next stop for crafting electronic pop and throws some vocals in the mix. Surprisingly enough, one of these dudes, Alex Cameron, can sing. It’s the same sort of sad-soft croon that Blake has used to such great success. Although Cameron’s refrain–“I can feel my heartbeat… my ghost is coming,”--is appropriately haunting, the song itself never stops moving long enough to ascend from this plane. Performing with a full complement of analog and MIDI gear while amber sunshine splashes in from the Sydney bay, the trio builds the skittering, pulsing track up from drum machine to synth pad, giving it real weight. It’s only one song, but let’s hope there’s a whole album of this coming.

Seekae- Void (download)

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One response to “Seekae adds a new dimension in live “Yech” peformance

  1. This is a great post. There’s some really interesting complex rhythms going on in ‘Yech’.
    Great find!

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