The Tallest Man On Earth’s “1904”

No longer in his blue period. (Brian Valdizno/treeswingers)

The last time we saw Kristian Matsson, the mind behind The Tallest Man On Earth was strumming somberly, filling the creaking frame of the Fillmore with downbeat tunes from then-recent EP, Sometimes The Blues Is A Passing Bird.

Two years removed from then, the blues in Matsson’s life seemed to have flown away. If new song “1904” is any indication, the Swedish Bob Dylan throwback has taken a turn for warmer climes and happier times. The first track taste from up-coming June release, There’s No Leaving Now, despite being about death, is much fuller and up-beat than past releases, without sacrificing the acoustic qualities of traditional TMOE. It’s not exactly Phoenix’s calling-card hit aged three years, but it certainly is a joy–an open-armed return for one talented songwriter.

There’s No Leaving Now is out on Dead Oceans Records on June 12.

The Tallest Man On Earth- 1904 (download)

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