Twin Shadow’s “Five Seconds”

I ❤ the 80s. (Photo courtesy of

Despite the moniker, Twin Shadow doesn’t like being in the shadows for very long. Less than two years after releasing full debut Forget, George Lewis Jr., the man behind the Brooklyn-based 80s revival project, is back with Confess set to be released on 4AD in July.

If Forget could have been the throwback soundtrack to Emilio Estevez’ life circa The Breakfast Club, we can expect Confess to be the Kevin Bacon counterpart if the Baconator lost his way to the taping of Footloose and ran shirtless through the set of Flashdance. Our first preview, “Five Seconds” is uninhibited with Lewis Jr. loosening up from his reserved approach to their first album to unleash choral yells and that delicious electric guitar that had been somewhat muted on his debut. Stealing a few lessons from Michael Sembello’s “Maniac,” the lead singer builds off a catchy chorus: “Five seconds in your heart/Straight to the heart/I can’t get to your heart” before jamming away for 4 minutes deserved of air punches and athletic tape.

Speaking of his album Lewis Jr. says:

“One winter I crashed my motorcycle , with a friend on the back. I shouldn’t have been riding that day, but I was young and fearless of the black roads, fast and easy in my ways. As the bike slipped from under us my head filled with words. The slow motion moments of calm just after surprise and just before regret are bliss. I remember in that moment I wanted to say everything to him. How could I say everything in a split second? How could I bury my words in his heart?”

Bacon, is that you?

Confess will be released on July 10 on 4AD Records.

Twin Shadow- Five Seconds (download)

2 responses to “Twin Shadow’s “Five Seconds”

  1. i found some footage of a bunch of kids from the 1980s listening to this track at their prom 🙂

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