Blood Orange dreams up a nightmarish wonderland with “Champagne Coast”

Happy Friday, everybody. Enjoy this sexy wonderland of a music video, courtesy Dev Hynes’ synths-n-jamz persona, Blood Orange, which has been making its way around the internet today.

Moving from lush room and sexy lady to more-lush and sexier-lady, all lava lamps and skylines and marble pedestals, the whole thing is rendered in a disorienting 90s-video-game 3D. Even the sexy ladies are kinda weird. But that’s the point, or so I would imagine: the everything-is-great-everything-is-fucked spell that unrequited lust casts on your whole world. Or maybe Hynes just thought it would look cool.

As for the song itself, it starts out as sweet and light as “St. Germaine air” to quote a recent acquaintance, but give it to the two-minute mark, when a mega-sexxxy guitar noodling drops in to add some spice to Hynes’ plaintive, Dan Bejar-with-a-cold stylings.

If anything, the comparison with Destroyer is a flattering one for Hynes–like most of Kaputt, “Champagne Coast” is a fundamentally sad song, a tale of longing and aching. But you can move to it, and on a Friday, that’s enough.

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Blood Orange- Champagne Coast (download)

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