Grey Television’s “HLF TME”

The other day, I was engaged in a deep conversation with Charlie and few German friends regarding the best arists that have come out Europe’s biggest country. For the two of us, our contributions to the conversation were painfully miniscule, conveying a typical American ignorance. Our list? Kraftwerk, Rammstein and that girl behind “99 Luftballoons”(Also, did you know that Lou Bega is German?).

Was it ignorance? Barring “Mambo No. 5” and Bach, Germany has been frightfully bare of musical contributions given its sizable populous. It’s the opposite of the Scandinavia and things that are created in Deutschland tend to stay there.

Grey Television is hoping to break that mold.

Hailing from Berlin, the quintet are particularly German, failing to completely make the Anglo transition that has led to the success of many of their European counterparts. While they sing in English, their website still remains in Deutsch. Their shows remain within the confines of German boundaries, but they’ve opened for bands that have cross the Atlantic with great success, Friendly Fires, Battles and Foals among them. A Deutsch dichotomy.

Set to release a new song next week, Grey Television has given us a taste and proved they are ready to forego the German stereotypes. “HLF TME,” the first song from debut Down Down Down, is eerily reminiscent of Yannis Philippakis’ brain child, mixing in mathematical beats and woven guitar patterns to produce something we haven’t heard since Foal’s Antidotes. It’s more than five minutes of builds and resolves with plenty of echoing vocals that beg to be shadowed. For other German bands, its a call to arms–a starting point where we can start focusing on a country that has, until  now, been oddly missing from our rader.

Grey Television- HLF TME (download)


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