Matt Corby’s US ‘Secret Garden’ Debut

For over a year, Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby has been performing what have been coined as “Secret Garden” shows throughout his homeland. These shows are designed to be intimate gatherings of Matt Corby fans in a less-than-traditional venue–namely, a fan’s backyard. His show in Santa Monica was his first of the backyard garden variety in the United States, and was incredibly well received by the Yanks. Over two hundred requests for entry were sent and only about 50 fans were given the details of the show’s time and location. Those lucky enough to get the invite were treated to an unforgettable musical experience.

Corby began his set just as the sun had disappeared behind the trees and the air started to get cold. After strumming and singing his way through a few songs layered with vocal harmony (via a loop pedal) and saturated in emotion, he looked to the crowd and coyly murmured, “This is going to be my last song.” A statement met with groans from the crowd. The finale was “Brother”–a tune that has had me returning to Youtube again and again for the last month. Despite the hype that I had conjured up, the performance only heightened my love for the song.

There is no doubt that Matt Corby is a young talent with a bright future–expect to see his name more and more in the months ahead.

The video above is only the last two minutes of a five minute long song, “Brother” and was recorded without any additional sound equipment. Special thanks to Travis Krolicki for providing it to Treeswingers.

Matt Corby- Brother (From: Like A Version Radio) (download)

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