School of Seven Bells’ Ghostory

Alejandra Deheza, lead singer. What a name! (Photo courtesy of

School of Seven Bells’ Ghostory will be making it to Treeswingers’ albums of 2012 list even though it’s only February. Their effective combination of compelling lyrics, slow beats, and continuous chords returns after their well received 2010 album, Disconnect from Desire. Their ethereal style inherently gives their albums flow, but Ghostory is extremely well crafted and performs well as a package.

With the exception of single-worthy “Lafaye” and “The Night”, the subtle melodies on the album are never simple enough to capture at first. Instead, lead singer Alejandra Deheza’s layered vocals are necessary to slowly uncover the mood and direction of the songs. In this sense, SVIIB produced very vocal-centric tracks, where the desperate lyrics and vocal harmonies are a gateway to the even more textured supporting music. “Love Play” is a great example of this, though it wouldn’t be surprising if the band considered the eight-minute “When You Sing” to be the album’s stylistic centerpiece.

School of Seven Bells – Lafaye (download)

School of Seven Bells – Love Play (download)

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