Reptar’s “Sebastian”

Yeah, we’ve been waiting for this one. After teasing us with EP Oblangle Fizz Y’all  the kooked up boys from Reptar have dropped their first hint from up-coming full debut, Body Faucet. Besides evoking some particularly strange bodily imagery, the album and opening track “Sebastian” seems to have some promise. Lots of it.

Jammed with tribal percussion, steel drum samples and one surf-happy guitar, “Sebastian” is a perfect encapsulation of Reptar: crazed and care-free to the point of bliss. With lead singer Graham Ulicny doing his best Ezra Koenig impersonation– “Mixing my emotions, you just don’t care!” he wails–Reptar takes off on choral hollers and sets the bar high for the rest of its 11 tracks.

Reptar’s Body Faucet comes out in May 1 on Vagrant Records.

Reptar- Sebastian (sign up for their mailing list to download)

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