Lana Del Rey at Amoeba SF 2/9/12

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Photo: Brian Valdizno

After a month of being blasted in the media, lampooned on Saturday Night Live and roasted on every social networking outlet available, Lana Del Rey made her San Francisco debut at Amoeba Records on Thursday. With pending tour dates cancelled because of the negative hoopla, Del Rey’s show at the end of Haight Street was likely one of her only public appearances for the year, corroborated by the bulging crowd that filled the record store’s aisles all the way to the back reaches of the classical section. Yes, even those searching for Bach vinyls needed their Del Rey fix.

Wearing a white dress, Del Rey arrived at her virgin appearance with a giant smile–nonexistent at her fateful SNL performance. After a few cliché greetings–“I only sing for you,” she said to her acne-scarred crowd–she was off on a short four song teaser. Backed by a piano and a single guitarist, Del Rey sang, less inhibited, perhaps because she was back by a defensive crowd that wooed and courted every drawn out note with applause and cheers.

It was standard fare for a crowd that hoped for more. “Blue Jeans” and “Born to Die” were slowly whispered along to by hordes of teenage girls, careful not to be heard over the pair of speakers that weakly projected the singer’s voice. Playing with her red bob and puckering her trademark lips, Del Rey closed with “Video Games” ending the affair by sending off 300 fans with signed albums. There was no backlash. No laughs. A relatively peaceful day for music’s newest diva.

Lana Del Rey- Trash (Miss America) (download)

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