Doe Paoro is a “Little Dreamer”

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If James Blake had a shy little sister, I’d imagine her to be something like Doe Paoro. A budding songstress with a penchant for emotive reverb and echoing daggers, Paoro has a voice that seems melted onto recordings. Add in light dubstep a la Monsieur Blake and place her over some ivories, and you’ve created an artist with a sound you’ll be unable to scrape from your mind for days.

While her debut LP, Slow To Love, drops in a few weeks (ironically on Valentine’s Day), the most stunning work from Paoro has been her cover of Future Island’s “Little Dreamer.” Replacing the charming croons of Samuel Herring, the songstress brings a bit of uncertainty and heartache to the track. With a sonar beat that drops in and out with an added doppler effect, Paoro wails and wails, but to no avail. Cupid isn’t saving her any time soon.

Doe Paoro- Little Dreamer (Future Islands Cover) (download)

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