Andrew Bird’s “Eyeoneye”

Birdman. (Photo courtesy of

Talented and prolific, Andrew Bird is good for about a record every two years. But after 2011 passed, two years after the release of the widely successful Noble Beast, we were left scratching our heads after the dapper violin virtuoso failed to deliver.

Signed to new label Mom+Pop, Bird didn’t let disappointment linger long, with new album Break It Yourself set to be released in early March. The first sample of Bird’s newest album, “Eyeoneye,” is titled in the same traditional homonym-stylings that fans have been accustomed to in  a career spanning 15 years and six full albums. The latest song, yet to be polished, reads like 50s rock, steadied by the clockwork strumming of an old time guitar, as Bird is joined by backup singers on the refrain “Bringing your heart, but break it yourself.” More uptempo than what we’ve been accustomed to, the song also has elements of Bird’s old tricks. Whistling is aplenty, while the talented songwriter turns to his favorite wordplay to stretch out the song title, “Eyeoneye,” into a deliciously fun chorus.

Andrew Birds’ Break It Yourself will be released on March 6.

Andrew Bird- Eyeoneye (download)


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