House Of Blondes’ “Do It Yourself (Landscape)”

Straight out of the neighborhood where hipsters live when they can’t afford hipster prices, House Of Blondes, seems like your average Brooklyn bedroom project. Adept at twisting nobs and maybe even better at adjusting their laptop screens, the Bushwick pair of John Blonde and Chris Pace may seem like they’re adding to the clamor of ambient indie poppers ready to flood Soundcloud with every fleeting inspiration on their way to piecing together a shoddy album.

That’s not really their point though. Instead of top-down, Blonde and Pace went bottom-up. Instead of beginning with the goal of an album, they started simply with a half-baked idea, eventually recording 20 minutes of ambiance that would be molded into their first song. Idea to song t0 band to album.

After three years of tweaking their sound, House Of Blondes are ready to deliver their first album Clean Cuts, a minimalist endeavor, with tracks recorded on first or second takes to capture the original inspiration and spontaneity of it all. The first taste, “Do It Yourself (Landscape), is a beautifully building track, steadied on a droning synths and a repeated lyric: “You can do this yourself.”  Add in a few organs and an off-kilter drum beat and it’s golden. The video–which reminds me of Will Ferrell’s Old School–isn’t bad either.

Clean Cuts is out Feb. 28 on Glowmatic Records.

House Of Blondes- Do It Yourself (download) 

One response to “House Of Blondes’ “Do It Yourself (Landscape)”

  1. This track kicked my ass. GOOD WORK.

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