Shlohmo’s “wen uuu”

Drip, shiver, moan, thump, trickle, pop, shake (repeat).  It’s nearly impossible to translate the magic on Shlohmo’s latest track “wen uuu” into coherent words.  The very title seems like his best attempt of doing just that.  But no amount of onomatopoeia can capture the vividness of the lush sampled layers, the airy synth work, the wide looping melody, or the hypnosis of that skittering percussion.  The track isn’t a complete departure from the sound palette of last year’s Bad Vibes, but it’s definitely not anchored in the same gloom from that record.  The tempo’s turned up, the samples are sultry, and the vibe is decidedly good.  “wen uuu” is one of three tracks off of his Vacation EP which is set to be released next month on Friends of Friends.  Enjoy the late night burner below.

Shlohmo- wen uuu

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