Maria’s potential favorites for 2012


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For me, the new year always brings with it a sense of anticipation for the new and undiscovered—which of course means I can’t help getting really excited over the prospect of new music on my iPod. I just don’t find it as exciting to think about new releases halfway through the year, even if it’s Radiohead we’re talking about. But then, that’s me; while the blogosphere hails the return of unemployed 90s indie rockers this month with new albums by Guided By Voices and Stephen Malkmus, these are the three albums I’m personally a lot more excited to add to my January playlist.

The Big PinkFuture This: January 17

I foresee a college radio favorite in this album. The Brit shoegazers seem to have put together the perfect follow-up to A Brief History of Love with the release of singles “Stay Gold” and “Hit The Ground (Superman).” The beats and reverb are familiar, and the vocals are as reminiscent of fist-pumping arena rock as you can possibly get in the realm of indie rock. Judging from the similarity of the new singles to their first release, I think it’s safe to say this will be a crowd pleaser (myself included in that crowd—“Dominos” was one of those songs I’d have on repeat all the time).

GonjasufiMU.ZZ.LE: January 24

The latest album from the San Diego native made its pre-debut with the release of single “Nikels and Dimes” late last year. Crackling and sputtering, the record comes to life with a haunting atmosphere in which playground giggling and garbled vocals are layered atop a syncopated hip-hop drum pattern. Although I’ve never listened to a prior release by Gonjasufi, I’m excited to get a hold of MU.ZZ.LE because the music sounds so unlike the rest of the contents in my music library—and, well, there’s also the matter of new year’s resolutions (#6: take more chances with music).

ChairliftSomething: January 24

I’m sure the teenage girl in me will be a little disappointed not to find a new version of “Bruises” on Chairlift’s new album. If the couple of tracks released so far are any indicator to what Something sounds like, then the band’s sophomore effort is bound to be more psychedelic rock than dream pop. I have a feeling this album will be reminiscent of MGMT’s “Congratulations”, which I find pretty thrilling, not because I was a huge fan of the former, but because it was one of the most electrifying listens by a new artist my teenage self was ever submitted to.

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