The xx’s “Open Eyes”

Two winters have come and gone since the release of The xx’s now seminal self-titled debut LP.  During that time, the group has picked up a Mercury Prize, beatman Jamie Smith has either remixed or produced three quarters of your iTunes library, frontwoman Romy Madley Croft’s voice has gone on to inspire countless closed-eyed fits of dreamy bliss and they have cured childhood diabetes (or so their magnificence would suggest).  Their sound has proven to be as undeniably influential as it is pleasantly addictive over the last two years.  So when can we have MOAR?!

As of November, The xx have taken to their studio to craft a follow-up record.  They have given eager ears a Christmas (xxmas?) gift: the opportunity to hold a cup against their studio walls and listen in on the process.  “Open Eyes” is a demo version of a track that will presumably be featured on the new release.  It’s beautiful in its bare structure.  Croft croons and pines past a cloud of unmastered hiss.  Her only company among the white noise is an equally melancholy melody pouring from a single guitar.  It picks up where the last record left off–passionate yet pensive, new yet familiar.

The xx – Open Eyes (Demo) (download)

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