Mister Heavenly, you’re so dreamy

Islands' singer, dude that drums in a lot of bands, guy with the same name twice, MICHAEL CERA? (Photo courtesy of blogs.ocweekly.com)

Those attending shows at the most recent Passion Pit tour may have noticed openers Mister Heavenly, also known as “that one band with Michael Cera in it.” Yet for those able to look past the 90-pound actor on bass, the newly formed rock group has enough indie star power in its own right. Led by Islands’ frontman, Nick Thorburn, Mister Heavenly also features Modest Mouse’s (and The Shins’) Joe Plummer, Man Man’s Honus Honus and the lovable Cera as a touring bass player.

While the addition of Cera may seem like a marketing ploy–after all, his only experience seems to come from his time with the fictional Sex B0b-omb–the band’s music has some very real potential. Mister Heavenly released their first two recorded songs on Friday via Sub Pop for free, and it seems that the Seattle-based label has found another gem. Self-titled track, “Mister Heavenly” opens with a crunchy, distorted bass line, feeding off Libertines-esque energy and one damn catchy guitar riff to eventually climax into a chorus of layered vocal rounds and throwback hand claps. “Pineapple Girl” is also deliciously appealing, as Thorburn takes over with guitar to sing a line befitting of any Yoplait commercial: “You’re my little pineapple girl.” The band seems to be kicking off a tour soon after playing recent dates in Chicago and New York, so check them out at a city near you soon.

Mister Heavenly- Mister Heavenly (download)

Mister Heavenly- Pineapple Girl (download)

One response to “Mister Heavenly, you’re so dreamy

  1. “Pineapple Girl” is my Swell Tune today:
    It’s cool like a George Michael Bluth music burning party.

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