The Walkmen rock out the Fillmore

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Through a haze of smoke, five men appeared on stage at the Fillmore.  While they are rather dashing, The Walkmen are not to be mistaken for your your comic book heroes.  Joining the Walkmen on their debut was Dan Managan, the Canadian indie folk singer, and the, also Canadian, garage-rock duo, Japandroids.

Dan Managan was first, playing a rather short, but sweet set.  As there was plenty of floor room at the time, Dan Managan came down from the stage to join in with the crowd, who at the time were singing, “Robots need love too, they want to be loved by you,”  off his single “Robots.”

Next came Japandroids, who were mistaken as rodies, by an innocent viewer.  It may have been hard to distinguish them as a band during soundcheck as they were already rocking out tuning their guitars and drum sets.  However, during the actual show guitarist Brian King put on a display of energy comparable to a Category Five hurricane.  Although the sound wasn’t mixed as well as it could have been, the show was still aesthetically pleasing due to some great light work.

Another really long intermission, with a viewer even whispering to his buddies, “Maybe The Walkmen are waiting for the perfect time to go on.  Like when we get pissed off and start to leave they’ll take the stage.”  Patience is always a virtue and good things come to those who wait.  Good, however, was an understatement for the Walkmen’s performance.  Dazzling light work, a perfect combination of sound, vocals, and swagger dominated The Walkmen’s set as the played a mix of old tracks and new material from their recent release Lisbon.

The Walkmen- Dónde Está La Playa? (download)

The Walkmen- All My Great Designs (download)

The Walkmen- While I Shovel The Snow (download)

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